Friday, November 02, 2007

My Brickshelf and MOCpages account back online!

Hey, Readers!

If no one has really noticed, most of my LEGO models have been removed from my blog. That's because my Brickshelf and MOCpages account are now my new LEGO model display website! I managed to get my Brickshelf account working so I could download some pics of my LEGOs and also some other picture comparisons. So, with my accounts working again, go ahead and check my models in Brickshelf (and also, if for some reason you can't access my blog to save those Halo Graphic Novel scans I made, you'll find them there on Brickshelf under the keywords HGNscans) and check my models on MOCpages (MOC, if you don't know already, stands for My Own Creation).

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Rare, Happy Moment in Life

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to the To Heaven and Kingdom Come blog! Hiya, peoples! It's been awhile since I have posted to my blog! I have no pictures, but I can paint a picture with words, so read on!

As you all know, since I am a son of 'At A Hens Pace', and as she said, pretty much everyone in my family is involved with our theater groups production of Charlotte's Web! I was supposed to be in tech crew, doing the lights and/or microphones and stuff like that, but they had too many people! Anyway, my sister, BlondeChick14 (as At A Hens' Pace calls her) got the part of Charlotte the Spider. Bantam12, the second-oldest brother (BlondeChick14 was the second-born) to me got the Part of Henry Fussey, Fern Arable's 'boyfriend'. (A young friend got the part of Fern, by the way.) Bantam8, my third-oldest brother after Bantam12, was a Gosling.

I am soooo glad that my sister finally got a leading role after all these years at our theater group! Bantam12 I am also very glad he too got a fairly big role in the play, too. Bantam8 rocked the stage with all his antics (he sure has his monkeyshines...that's why sometimes I call him "Monkey") with a fellow friend of his that was also a Gosling.

Besides all of this great news, a few other major changes also came out. One change had to do with me. I feel, that with all this pride and joy about my siblings finally getting a good part, I feel majorly changed, filled with overwhelming love and happiness with my siblings and my family. Once, I even sacrificed four quarters (that I had picked up while scrounging around in my desk looking for a pen and pencil) to buy a CYT Cast Note for BlondeChick14!

Anyway, All of this is too much to handle. So much happiness and pride, and a double-amount of love for my family, friends, and a triple-quadruple-amount of love for Jesus Christ my Lord, for doing everything He possibly could so that I can have a great time with friends and family.

Praise the Lord!

Anyone Looking for some scans from the Halo Graphic Novel?

Due to my constant surfing the Internet, I have heard that many people are constantly looking for a scan of "HGN 102-103 Lorraine McLees" picture. Well, Here it is. If this works, all you have to do is click on the picture for a larger version (may be pixelated).

Here some other random scans from the Halo Graphic Novel.

HGN 122 Robert McLees (husband to Lorraine...?)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Myself: God's Creation

Greetings, I am the Digital Prophet. I am sixteen years old, born on the twenty-first of January 1991. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I am autistic and I don’t know why. But I believe God has a plan for me.
I have many interests, including custom-designing LEGO models, imaginative writing, reading science fiction (Star Trek, Star Wars, War of the Worlds, etc.), fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Eragon, etc.), as well as fiction and nonfiction. I enjoy playing Airsoft (plastic or metal guns that fire spherical plastic pellets), staging combat reenactments, posting or surfing on the Internet, creating websites (none published yet), making collages, writing/typing lists, buying music, and buying books. I also buy LEGO sets, Airsoft guns and military equipment. I am a good runner and enjoy doing it daily, as it is very relaxing and stress-relieving.
I have had many dreams based on career choices, but some of them do not seem like the best course of action. Others, I think, are wiser choices. I would like joining the United States Air Force, and after that getting a well-paying desk job with computers or working with NASA. I am an Anglican Christian, and because of that, I would like to become a pastor. With my imaginative writing abilities, I would also like to become an author. I want to become an inventor and perfect the LISP (Computer Artificial Intelligence) in the future, and also work in an area of robotics.
Once I choose an area I’m interested in, I can be an excellent student. I would like to learn Spanish, French and German. I would also like to know everything there is about a computer—how to create programs, and learning the inner structures of the Internet. I would like to become a computer and robotics genius and also a good mathematician.
I would like to learn Tai Chi so I can learn Martial Arts to defend myself from possible attacks. I would also like to obtain a gun license to protect my secrets and myself from spies who want to know what I’m inventing. (I do value life.) Then once I’m done, I will sell my inventions and secrets to the United States government and then retire.
As I am now 16 years old, I am now looking for a job at Wal-Mart or Target, and I am willing to work long hours for good money to make a living.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Belief About Aspergers

Hello, everyone.

Yes, now I'm acting more serious than before in my previous posts. The subject, as the title suggests, is about Aspergers. Yes, anyone who has Aspergers or a high autism, I have it too. I never knew about my Aspergers syndrome since I had turned about twelve, I believe. I believe every parent who has a son or a daughter who was born with Aspergers, should hide the truth about their strange but very unique condition. Since I learned of it, and I went temporarily into depression, believing myself cursed. Don't take that the wrong way, and most importantly, DO NOT GET SUICIDAL. If you do go through that, fight it! I have heard some with Aspergers has committed suicide. It just isn't worth it. There are so many things you haven't done yet. And also, God loves you and will always be with you. He loves you so much that He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)
Yes, God loves those who have Aspergers too. In fact, He made us with Aspergers. Many of us don't know why, and personally I do not know why I was born with it either. All I know is that God did it for a reason. Don't let Aspergers affect you. Hey! check this extraordinary person out: Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin grew up in a time when autism was not recognized. She was diagnosed with brain damage, and was later diagnosed again, but with what all call Aspergers Syndrome. She hated to be touched be a human, and later dreamed of a "hugging machine" that created the feeling of being cuddled in a mother's arms (she exhibited this type of behiavior whenever being held be her mother--she squirmed because of it). She is now living a great life, and now accepts friendly human touch forms, such as being patted on the back or a warm hug. She excels in the area of animal welfare. Here are some wise sayings she once said:

"I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we've got to do it right. We've got to give those animals a decent life and we've got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect." (We also owe each other respect)
""If I could snap my fingers and become nonautistic, I would not - because then I wouldn't be me. Autism is part of who I am." (In other words, accept autism (Aspergers) as a part of who you are--don't reject it.).

After I learned about Temple Grandin, I felt much better, knowing I wasn't the only person to have autism. So don't feel bad at all about your condition. You know God loves you so you shouldn't have to worry. Try to get better. Don't be sad; be happy that you still have a great life ahead of you and so much to do. Think about your condition. I guarantee it that you will feel better about your state. Thank You, God and Christ, for loving every one of His children.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Frontiers to the U.F. Army!

WARNING! You Are About To View Some Top-Secret Information! This organization is a

very, very old organization. It has remained a secret for years. Originally called the Secret Spy Operation Lab (SSOL), it has lain dormant for years. Now, under a new name and another organization to back it up, the Union of Friends Army, it comes back with a whole new mission for former spy agents: fight TERRORISTS as highly trained COUNTER-TERRORISTS! This NEW FRONTIER is open for all U.F. Army members as well as former spy agents of the SSOL, now become the SSOI. (The new unit, I forgot to mention is called WOLF (World Order Law Force) Team 7, modeled after SEAL Team 6) (and also, these logos are COPYRIGHTED.) (The logo, if you haven't noticed, is modeled after the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)'s logo.)

Now you may or may not know about counterterrorists. But I do believe you know about terrorists, the guys who bombed the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center, you know what I mean. However, I will give you a list of counterterrorists from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero:

Now there are also some other counterterrorist units, except from fiction:
This area will be available to see via USERNAME/EMAIL and PASSWORD for members only on the U.F. Army website, once it is built. While the TOP SECRET areas of SSOI CTF (Counter-Terrorist Force) WOLF Team 7 may not be available to people outside the U.F. Army and the SSOI, there will still be plenty to see in the U.F. Army operation area of the website, so don't worry. Please note: WOLF Team 7 was only created to put civilians (that is, civilians that are friends to the Army General), under the almost the same type of pressure real counterterrorists are under when they go to foil whatever plots the terrorists plan to do (the terrorists we will be fighting against are actor terrorists). Thank you, the Army General, PhantomFox (that's my CTF codename).

Here are some cool YouTube video links about what it like to be a counterterrorist:

Friday, January 19, 2007

U.F. Army: Developed in 2006, & it's very first operation in 2007!

Hello everyone, U.F. Army personnel and visitors!

Don't know what the U.F. Army is? It is the Army where friends stand for each other and remember those men who fought and died and even those veterans still living. Each true soldier out in the field always live in the hauntings that one day they would kill someone. And each knew that he too might die by the enemy's bullets. Airsoft is nothing compared to the true dread realm of warfare. In fact, even spies' lives are not so glamorous as the James Bond 007 movies suggest. These two categories are dangerous are will always mean death if caught or killed in action.
Lesson #1: The lives of soldiers and spies are not fun and games. Don't ever get that impression. I have taught myself to uttery abhor true weapons that can kill and as a result I absolutely hate war and bloodshed, and intend to stay clean of any blood that may come upon me. In other words, I am going to stay out of Army in case the war in Iraq escalates and going to be become a priest.

But apart from that, I do love Airsoft, because it is the most safe shooting sport there is that cannot kill anyone or seriously destroy the side of anyone's faces such as this one guy in Band of Brothers without a helmet threw a grenade into a house and just before it went off, he went inside and got half his face blown off. There are some safe re-enactment grenades at Depot 53 that are completely harmless and only give off a puff of powdery smoke, giving the illusion that something "blew up".
Band of Brothers is not just for anyone, so get that straight.

I got the idea of A.F. Army when I came across a Northern Californian Airsoft Association called the Cimmerians. I wanted to join up, but it was such a confounded long ways away from Illinois, so I decided to found my own organization so that anyone who wanted to help re-enact the Battle of Bastogne from Band of Brothers and other battle simulations such as the Battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam from We were Soldiers Once, and Young. Most Military Simulations (sometimes abbreviated MilSim) have to be researched and historical scenarios must be found or planned out in order to follow the ending accurately, if you see what I mean.

U.F. Army has not gone public yet (allowing strangers to sign up), and it will remain that way. However, things have changed a bit and it is OFFICIALLY decided that the U.F. Army will have a website of its own, but only for members of the U.F. Army. Thank you.

U.F. Army trademarks, banners, & logos are COPYRIGHTED. Only U.F. Army personnel have authorization to use these. No one else can use these except with written permission. Please do not use my email to attempt to sign up or even to attempt to use the logos, banner, and trademarks of the U.F. Army.

U.F. Army stands for Union of Friends Army. This organization is a not open to the public, so therefore no one may join up. This is a secret organization.

More information about A.F. Army's first meeting-operation @ At A Hens Pace.

Wanna see something that's close to being under fire? Click here to see Airsoft videos at YouTube!

Also be sure to see WWII Airsoft @ YouTube!

Updated and Modified Monday, March 5th.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Models #6: Xenomorphs (Aliens) Version 2

The Aliens movie logo.

According to my mom & dad, when I was a baby, they told me I had seen the first Aliens movie as a baby (seems my dad has seen nearly every movie in the known world-that is, the movies that were good and somewhat Christian). Since then, I have been interested in the idea that God may have created other life-forms besides us in the Book of Genesis. I like to think about extraterrestrials or alien life-forms and even more advanced alien technology like UFOs exist. To be honest, I have been witness to what I think were UFOs. I have had two or three sightings currently. I cannot describe them accurately, since my mind is kinda dim on these sightings and where I saw them and who saw with me.
But, alternatively, I will remain with my beliefs. (I do believe that there is a God the Father, God the Son (aka Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.) Another little thing I joked about the my interest in UFOs & aliens is when I saw Aliens the movie, I joked that I had an "Electric Gene" or something or other.
Anyway, these models are just part of my interest.

These are some Alien Drones. Left Alien is Noah's, and the one one the right is Aiden's.

This right here is my Alien Queen. Yes, I know, she is supposed to have four arms, maybe if I used General Grievous' four-armed body...

The Alien Queen with a Chestburster. I kinda viewed this first stage of the Xenomorph as a "pupae".

The Alien Queen with her Alien Drones. She uses a sort of mental communication, called telepathy to control her Drones.

Closeup of the Chestburster. This model is was a little easier than the Alien Queen & the Alien Drones. (Sorry, no Facehugger (spider-like creatures with a tail for choking its intended host, and a proboscis for implanting an embryo, which out of that, comes the Chestburster))

See More Information about the Xenomorphs (Aliens) on Wikipedia.

Hey Guys! I'm on!